Monday, May 5, 2008

Easing back in

As you may have noticed, I've started writing again. The craziness of the past few weeks is behind me (I hope), so now I can devote less time to screaming in impotent rage and more time to being creative and productive.

(I've always found it irritating that one can be creative without being productive.)

Anyway, when I come off of a "break" such as this I find that the biggest hurdle to overcome is inertia, and the easiest way to overcome this is to write a series of little posts. The object, you see, is to get me back into the habit of writing again, because it's annoyingly easy for my brain to wander off and do other other things when it should be making pretty words. Hopefully a few creampuff posts like this one will serve to ease me back into my routine, so that I can get to the good stuff -- stories, wacky theories, crazed rantings and RPG theory -- pretty quickly.

Thanks for your patience in sticking with me. I hope to unveil a new creative project, one which all readers of the blog will be able to view and enjoy, sometime next week.

Love, Kisses and Discord,


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