Thursday, September 10, 2009

State of the Palette Address

I know my updates lately have been spotty, so please accept this post as both a half-assed excuse and a lame attempt at padding my postcount.

  • Did everyone have a good Labor Day? My brother and his girlfriend came to visit us from Sunday through Wednesday, and while it was good to see him, it was just as nice to see him leave, which sounds horrible but is true nevertheless. It's exhausting being "on" for company and it's nice not having to worry about if I look presentable or if my sweatpants have stains on them.
  • Also, the changing of seasons has been seriously kicking my butt lately. I promise not to get too graphic, but I wake up feeling hungover and then have to spend the next 30 minutes to an hour in a reclining position as the mucous slowly migrates from horizontal to vertical within my body. YAY!
  • Work on Curse/Or continues at a good pace, ironically made easier by Ricochet's comment that she "heard" Netty as Stephen Fry. This is strange because I always saw him as Eddie Izzard, but I admit that Fry is easier to write. So now Netty is a strange fusion of Fry and Izzard (Frizzard?), fabulously crossdressed and insouciantly urbane.
  • I have an idea for a fantasy world/cosmology which I'd like to being developing on Monday. Still not 100% sure about the name, but it's tentatively called Pellatarrum. The setting is best described as "Fuck science! This is a fantasy world!" Once you stop trying to have things make sense and just go with what is epic and interesting, things fall into place remarkably well.
  • Tomorrow, of course, is my annual 9/11 memorial post. Good times! Those of you who don't enjoy me frothing at the mouth are invited to return on Monday with no hard feelings.

Thank you for your continued readership, and see you tomorrow (or Monday.)


  1. Considering State of the Palette.

    1. Fuck science? I hope that's not "Fuck science" in World of Synnibarr approach =P

    2. Get better. Soon I hope. I've had the "migrating mucus" symptom on occasion (waking up with your head feeling 2 pounds heavier, and your sinuses in particular)

    3. Might be time for some link cleanup on Lurking Rythmically. I just noticed that you still have that link to Evil Robot Radio (which collapsed with the whole internet radio "reform" over a year ago).


    P.S: If you want to froth over 9/11, start with the part where they because of an event that cost the lives of something in the vicinity of 5000 citizens they basically screwed over the liberties and freedoms of the entire western hemisphere.
    Today words like "freedom" and "personal integrity" are worth shit. Especially in the States and UK, but even over here (Sweden) I feel the tentacles of corporate and government agencies taking advantage of a heightened state of fear and fueling a heightened state of fear in order to steal our money, our freedom and all other humanitarian and liberal ideals.
    Fuck Osama. But to a greater degree, Fuck everyone who is indirectly doing his errands by using it as an excuse to screw over humanitarianism in the name of "liberty" and "western democracy".

  2. Frizzard - a force of charm, intellect and wit as yet unseen by this world, is the world ready for it!? *thunder crashes, a string quartet in the corner goes mental*

    PS Sorry to be late to the party, had to reconnect brain to reality and reboot communications application

    Glad to hear my babbling has been of some use :-)


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