Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Gunday: Concealed Carry Class, part 1

Tonight my mom and I attend our required safety certification and training thing for our concealed carry permits. This will likely be four hours of "Here are the places that don't allow you to carry" and "This is what you do when a cop pulls you over" and "For God's sake don't pull your gun except as a last resort" and "It probably wouldn't hurt to have a lawyer on speed dial."

But since it's not the future yet, I can't comment on what's in the class until I've actually attended it. That will have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow.

Right now I'm working to calculate the precise blood sugar and caffeine dosage I need in order to stay awake in case the class is boring, but not so much that I fidget and squirm. Suggestions and recipes are always welcome!


  1. Let us know how it goes!  

  2. Awesome!! I love that your mom is going too! Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Cool.  Good to see you've got your Mom interested too.

    If things get really, really boring you can always excuse yourself and duck out of the room for a mini-break.

    Hopefully the "classroom" part isn't all one giant block.

  4. You're right on the money with your guess.  You will be bored with the legality of the class, but it is pretty important.  I usually do a follow up of the law (I keep the most recent PDF on the computer).  I recommend Three Musketeers and Dr. Pepper.  It is the breakfast of champions.  Watch out for the foamy reaction, but it's part of the experience.

  5.  And this where I am thankful that states like Florida and Tennessee accept military training as sufficient for both class time and range time requirements on carry permits.  Granted, the military's instruction does jack-all when it comes to the specific states' laws, but I am responsible enough to look those up on my own and work them out (and did so every time I moved).  But, yeah, refreshing them on your own time, and possibly having a little-tiny-printout of the key ones in your wallet (I have TN's AG's opinion on open carry, since some cops apparently are unfamiliar with it.) might be a good idea.  


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