Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Tamalanche has begun

The Care Package o' Fun was delivered to Roseholme Cottage today!  (If your stuff is still in the mail, do not worry; your goodies will be delivered later.)

The_Jack was kind enough to be our main point of contact and will post pictures of all the loot later today, and Brigid who was there taking pictures will no doubt give us a detailed description of the hijinks that ensued.

However, first I get to post pictures of the unboxing!

Here is the Mistress of Snark opening the Box O' Fun with some kind of dagger. I wonder what could be inside?

Could it be... ponies??


Look at that smile! You just know she loves her adorable little doppleganger.

And lest you think she was just being polite...

And yes, that pony has a Tam-style ballcap and what is probably an H&K SMG.  There's actually a funny story to all this..

A while back, Brigid was telling me the story of Tam and the Kinko's ID debacle. She described Tamara as tall, blonde, soft-spoken, and having THE STARE. This immediately made me think of ponies (because many things do, honestly), specifically the character Fluttershy -- a soft-spoken pony with a yellow coat and THE STARE.

Obviously, Tamara is Fluttershy. Therefore, Tamshy.

So when Tam announced she had basal cell cancer, I thought it would be hilarious to send her some DVD episodes of My Little Pony, and I conscripted The_Jack to buy some MLP toys and equip them with toy guns:

I am sworn to secrecy as to where The_Jack found a black ball cap in the right scale.

Also included in the box:  a deliciously trashy romance novel about time-traveling Vikings who become Navy SEALS!

I won't name the person who bought it (for their own protection, no doubt), but I appreciate your efforts, anonymous donor!


  1. Looks like the name "Operation:Tamalanche" caught it should have. If I ever need a catchy name for something I'll drop you a line.
    This was a great idea BTW. Too many times folks think of "practical support" (for want of a better term) and forget that sometimes the most important thing to give is emotional support.
    Love the ponies, well done!

  2. Bravo Zulu! Well done! 

  3. Super!!  Thank you!

  4. It was a box full of magic smiles.

    Thank you all again! :)

  5. Anonymous my shiny metal butt.

    I was double-dog dared by Erin herself and I have the evidence to prove it.

  6.  I will be sure to let you know when the book report is ready. :)


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