Sunday, September 22, 2013

My GM Codes

Since I seem to be kinda good at this "Running an RPG" thing, and because I saw them over at Faoladh's place, I figured I ought to post these "What kind of GM am I" codes so that folks know what kind of game I run. (My players probably already know these from firsthand experience, but just in case...)

Tactics are an important part of my games. I will set traps and ambushes for the unwary, and will take perverse glee in springing them on you. It is not my fault if you blunder into a deathtrap because you weren't paying attention or foolishly overestimated your chances.

My games will tell an interesting Story. I do not much care for sandbox-style or random games; I like Dramatic Plots with Interesting and Deep Characters. If you're a two-dimensional cutout, you will most likely bore me, and then I will either ignore you or kill you out of boredom. Protip: Keep the GM entertained.

My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery. Also known as, "I require you to think, not just roll dice. There are NPCs out there with proactive plans, and before you can thwart those plans you first need to know what they are."

The GM is In Charge in my games and "rule-zero" is in effect. Hello, my name is GOD. No, really, that's my Roll20 name in the Google Hangout: Game Operations Director. Mostly this means "Don't get all rules lawyer on me."

My games rely on a lot of Improvisation rather than pre scripted content.  Because one of the first things I learned as a GM is that no adventure survives contact with the PCs, so why bother? As a result, I have become very fast on my metaphorical feet.

My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama. I'm an actor at heart, and I love getting into character and doing funny voices. Also, the best villains are the ones that have histories and motivations.

My game is primarily Non-Combat in nature.  Mostly because combat is a time sink that can be spent doing things which are more fun. On the other hand, sometimes you just have to open a can of whoop-ass, and when I do, fights can be very nasty.

Players in my game should be prepared to Run when the odds are against them.  See above, re: Tactics. Life isn't a balanced encounter, so why should a game be scaled to your level?  Fly, you fools!

I frequently Tinker with the rules of the game.  I'm essentially the Doctor Moreau of RPGs...   as if Traveller Tuesdays weren't enough of a hint.

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