Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gays and Guns: The Rise of LGBTQ+ Gun Use in America

Back in June, I had the pleasure to speak with several young social media professionals from the UK about what it's like to be LGBTQ and pro-gun. I did my best, but I wasn't sure how good that was; the format was far more back-and-forth than a presentation, and that threw me off balance for a bit. When I was finished, I told myself "Well, now you know what you did wrong, and how to fix it. When you have to give another presentation like this, you'll do better because you'll know what to expect."

One of those young professionals (in fact, the gent in this picture) posted a video about his experience in the US talking to Americans about guns and gun rights. I encourage you all to give it a watch; he's very fair about the presentation and comes to some interesting conclusions at the end.

Personally, I'm just pleased that he has a smile on his face after shooting a pistol for the first time. Winning!

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