Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pellatarrum: Summon Monster 1

Summon Monster I summons a variety of... not entirely useful creatures, and then tries to make them more interesting by applying the celestial, fiendish, entropic, or resolute template to them. This is all very well and good, except that Pellatarrum is a world where the outer planes no longer exist, and there are no angels or demons, and so these templates really make no sense within the setting.

There are however two easy fixes to this:
  1. Replace the aforementioned templates with Aerial CreatureAqueous CreatureChthonic Creature or Fiery Creature and say that the various critters are being pulled from the elemental planes instead of the outer ones. 
  2. Take the Elemental (Small) which is summoned with Summon Monster 2 and apply the Young template to it, making it weaker and dropping its challenge rating, thus making it suitable for a level 1 spell. 
Or heck, do both. Just not at once, because a fiery fire elemental is redundant, and an aqueous fire elemental is stupid. 

Given Pellatarrum's elemental connection to the seasons, GMs wishing a bit more crunch can give bonuses (nothing higher than a +2) to Base Attack Bonus and Armor Class if that particular element is in season, and similar penalties when it is in opposition.

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