Thursday, March 1, 2018

Gun Rights are Queer Rights

Erin, why do you believe that gun rights are queer rights?

· I have the right to live.
· There are people who wish to harm me because I am queer.
· Guns allow me to defend my queer life.
∴ Therefore, guns preserve queer lives.

· Guns cannot preserve queer lives if queer people cannot carry them.
· Gun rights means that all non-prohibited people can carry guns.
· By carrying a gun, I can defend my queer life.
∴ Therefore, gun rights are pro-queer.

· Gun rights are natural rights.
· Loving whomever I want is a natural right.
· Living as I wish, so long as it harms none, is also a natural right.
∴ Therefore, gun rights are queer rights and both are natural rights.

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