Friday, June 22, 2018

How to Donate to Operation Blazing Sword

I have lost track of how many times someone has said "I want to donate to you, but I don't know how" or "You sell t-shirts? I had no idea!" To that end I have created a note on the OBS Facebook page, aptly titled How You Can Support Us, which details all the ways that you help us achieve our mission of teaching gun safety and operation to those who want to learn but aren't comfortable seeking conventional training.

The fact of the matter is that Operation Blazing Sword needs money to continue. We don't have a rich New York billionaire backing us, nor do we receiving funding from firearm manufacturers or the NRA. We get by with donations from people like you.

If every one of our 1,500+ volunteers across the USA donated $10 -- roughly the cost of a movie ticket -- then we would have FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Can you imagine what we could do with that kind of money?

I can. And that's why I'm asking you to please donate to Operation Blazing Sword.

  • SHOP VIA OUR AMAZON LINK: We are a registered charity with Amazon Smile. It costs you absolutely nothing to use our link, and we receive a percentage of your purchases as a donation. Here’s the full URL if you want to copy and paste it into a bookmark:
  • SELL FOR CHARITY ON eBAY: If you’re a seller on eBay, you can help raise money by selecting a percentage of your proceeds to go to us. Here is our eBay For Charity page
  • SUPPORT US ON HUMBLE BUNDLE: If you buy from Humble Bundle, please select us as the charity you support. Here’s a link to a great cybersecurity deal!
  • BUY OUR MERCHANDISE: We have an online store where you can buy Operation Blazing Sword branded t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and more!
  • DONATE ONLINE: We are a PayPal confirmed charity. Donate online here.
  • MAIL A CHECK: Make it out to Operation Blazing Sword and mail it to 800 Belle Terre Parkway Suite 200-302, Palm Coast, FL 32164.
  • EMPLOYER DONATION MATCHING: Many employers will match their employees’ charitable donations via paycheck deductions. Operation Blazing Sword is registered with both Benevity and GuideStar. If your company uses a different organization to distribute charitable giving, let us know and we will register with them!
  • TEACH SOMEONE HOW TO SHOOT: We are a 501c3 tax-deductible charity (our EIN is 81-4230880) and any expenses you incur (range fees, equipment rental, cost of ammunition, etc) teaching someone who has contacted you through our organization are considered a donation. Per Treas Reg 1.170A-13(f): 
    • Generally, if a donor makes multiple contributions during the year, each of which is less than $250, no substantiation form is necessary. Nevertheless, the donor must observe the minimum recordkeeping requirements, such as retaining canceled checks or simple contributions. 
    • Donors who incur out-of-pocket expenses of $250 or more when rendering services to a charitable organization and intend to deduct these expenses must also obtain written acknowledgement from the organization. The acknowledgment for expenses incurred need only describe the services provided by the donor and the value of good services provided in return (or a statement that none were provided); it need not include the date of the services. 
    • To obtain written acknowledgement from us, scan or photograph your receipts and email them to

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