Friday, October 12, 2018

What I've Been Up To Lately

Hey all, sorry I've been distant for the past few weeks. I've been exceptionally busy with both the new job (HBIC of Pink Pistols) and with a writing gig that I've only recently finished. So let's talk about this stuff!

Pink Pistols Merger
It took a while for the media machine to pick up on it (apparently publishing a press release makes things a lot more newsworthy) but I've gotten some very good press thanks to Jacki Billings' article, to which a lot of other sites linked. Other positive press has come from John Boch's article on TTAG and Joseph Albanese's article on Range 365.

Most notable (and surprising!) was Dana Loesch mentioning us in a segment of Relentless this past Monday.

I was a bit surprised that my name wasn't mentioned at all in the entire segment, but I'm thrilled that my friend Nicki Stallard  is finally getting recognized for her hard work. Yay Nicki!

There were of course the usual internet trolls posting the usual playground insults, but to hell with them. I'm awesome, and they're not.

Writing Gig
A friend of mine is making an action movie role-playing game called Action Movie Physics and once again, I got a job because I have my feet in two separate camps and speak the language of each.

My friend wanted to know "What guns would you consider absolutely essential for an RPG based on Hollywood action movies?" and let's just say that I responded quite thoroughly, listing not just names but their calibers and why I included them. From there I ended up saying "You know, people might not know what these guns are. You should probably have capsule descriptions of them, so they know that the Glock 17 is what most police use and that the WW2 pistol is the 1911." He thought that was a great idea, so I ended up writing those descriptions for him in my usual informative-yet-quirky style.

Now that could have been it, but no. Oh no. You see, since I speak role-playing game, I noticed that some of the stats of the guns were odd and others were just wrong (for example, there was some confusion between the Glock 17 and 19, and the Saiga-12 wasn't even in the book). As it turns out, out of all the writers and the playtesters I have the most experience with firearms -- again, I'm probably not the best choice, but I'm the person who is there and who speaks the lingo of both camps -- and so I ended up researching the various guns to make sure the game mechanics reflected them as accurately as possible. I ended up doing about twice the work I was asked to do, but I take pride in my work and I wanted this game to be as accurate as possible while still being sufficiently  action-movie Hollywood style.

Which is to say "If you notice some oddities, it's probably because we're trying to model movie physics rather than real life." Hopefully my contribution helps the game avoid the really dumb Hollywood tropes while still ensuring some fun flavor between firearms.

The book is slated to be published later this month.

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