Friday, March 22, 2019

Unknown Armies Episode 4

This episode is greatly abbreviated, due to my players wanting a light session involving role-playing and talking about goals instead of adventuring (which I was more than happy to give them, considering I haven't had a lot of free time due to my increased workload from mom's surgery) and then having one of those players leave after 45 minutes to go see a movie (harrumph!).
    So settle back and listen to the characters introduce themselves and their backstories:
    • Nick Sisu, old-fashioned gent and survivor of a supernatural attack;
    • Eion (pronounced Owen) Mahoney, former Marine who's well on his way to becoming a hardened sociopath;
    • Adrestia Pruitt, adrenaline junkie trauma nurse with a secret;
    • and Mildred Opp -- Milly to friends, "Dred" to her students -- a middle-school teacher whose goal is KNOW ALL THE THINGS and who claims to have built the Library of Alexandria.. in a past life? in an alternate reality? The details are vague. 

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