Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Nov 9 Speech on the National Mall

Doesn't that title sound awesome? Like I'm a big shot speaking before a crowd of thousands at a televised rally in Washington, DC?

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. We had maybe 50 people on a cold, blustery day on the wide-open Mall, and the only people filming were people with their cell phones and Ford Fisher of News 2 Share. (Who, BTW, is an awesome person whose YouTube channel was demonetized by YT for some garbage reason. He has a Patreon, so consider throwing him a few bucks a month to help support private journalism and free speech.)

So anyway, here's my speech.

Here's another view of it, whereby you can appreciate my lovely outfit in its entirely including my altogether too cute shoes. It's not the whole speech, but you already listened to the whole speech, so no worries, right?

Now for those of you who are wondering why I glitter bombed myself, here's a long and rambling tirade by Chris Hill, a man who was originally involved with the Declaration of Restoration but who quit/was kicked out early on. Not only does he say some incredibly disparaging things about me, he also makes some assumptions which even the most cursory examination would dispel -- for example, he thinks that I'm a far left liberal and anti-gun because I'm queer. Please don't go to his channel and pick a fight or curse at him because of this, though; I really do want to give him the chance to honor his promise and send me $100, which I will then donate to Operation Blazing Sword.

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