Friday, July 31, 2020

Save Space Camp!

I attended Space Camp in 1985, back before a lot of people knew it existed. (This was before the terrible, horrible movie of the same name made it a national name.) It was an amazing and formative experience for me, and not just because I won the Outstanding Camper award for the week I was there [/humblebrag], but also because it took my interest in space exploration and made it feel real and a possible career choice. 

(Ah, if only I had been better at math, I could have been a scientist. Or if my vision had been better, I could have been a pilot. Still, I think every kid wants to be an astronaut when they're little, and precious few of us make it.)

Unfortunately, Space Camp is in severe financial difficulties due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; nobody wants to go to camp and risk getting sick. As a result, they've lost 66% of their revenue and may close if they do not get funding. To that end, they've started a GoFundMe:
Space Camp has been on a mission for 38 years to educate and inspire students from all over the world about space and science, but now we need mission support.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a dramatic reduction in attendance at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center museum and Space Camp, leading to a significant decrease in revenue and operating capital. We reopened Space Camp after a four months closure but at greatly reduced number this summer. With limited admission from international students and school groups this fall and winter, we’re forced to close our weeklong camp programs again until April 2021. These ongoing challenges have meant a devastating loss of two-thirds of our revenue.

At this time, we have exhausted all funding possibilities, and without your support the U.S Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp will have to close in October. However, we firmly believe that failure is not an option, so we are turning to you. We need the support of our fellow science enthusiasts, Space Camp alumni and anyone who believes in the spirit of exploration to help all systems return to go.

Will you chip in today and help us raise $1.5 million? This will support us through the winter and allow us time to plan for a future filled with Space Camp and scientific discovery.  We have to save Space Camp, and we know that together we can reach mission accomplished. 
Please donate if you can, and share this campaign if you can't. This is an experience that all children should have -- the future of the human race is in space!

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