Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Pink Pistol Patches

One of the reasons I wrote that "Why I Prefer Queer to LGBTQ" essay last week is because people are always asking my thoughts on the subject and I got tired of having to type the answer each time. 

The other reason is because I wanted to have a ready-made explanation handy for when I introduced this patch: 

You see, the original Pink Pistols motto was "Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed", and I felt it was time to update that because not all of our constituency is gay. However, I didn't want to go the LGBTQ+ route because, as I explained last week, that way lies madness. So after much discussion with other people it was decided that "Queers" would cause the least offense (although it's already caused more than a little) and would be a nice umbrella term. 

The patches themselves are 3.5" diameter and come with a velcro backing. They cost $10 per patch and shipping is free (unless you order some ungodly amount or want them shipped off-continent). 

When you order, please ensure that your shipping address is included! I've had some orders sent to me via PayPal and Venmo that didn't have an address telling me where to ship them. 
And yes, there are still some Operation Blazing Sword patches available if you'd like one of those too. 

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