Tuesday, April 11, 2023

This Crumb is Mine, part 2

As I mentioned in my previous This Crumb Is Mine post, I was honored to play a part, however small, in the repeal of May Issue laws through the SCOTUS case of NYSRPA v. Bruen. Alongside that honor is a feeling of irritation as many states have elected to dig in their heels, plug their ears, and pass yet more gun prohibitions which defy the spirit of that landmark SCOTUS decision. As a result, I've taken upon myself a personal crusade to help overthrow such prohibitions wherever they crop up. 

(For those wondering why I keep calling them gun prohibitions rather than gun control laws, it's because that history has proven time and again that Prohibition doesn't work, and using that terminology reminds people of its futility and failures.)

To that end I joined with the Historically Discriminated Coalition in opposing Oregon Ballot Measure 114, in which I compared the measure to North Carolina's Jim Crow-era Pistol Purchase Permit law. A few days after that I was contacted by a member of Grass Roots North Carolina who saw my post and said,
The guys at GRNC would like it if you could write up something about the Jim Crow Pistol Purchase Permit that we could take to the NC General Assembly. 

We'd like something like a cover letter we could attach to a copy of the Amicus brief where you call the Oregon measure "like the Jim Crow era PPP." We intend to show them we as a State are being held up to ridicule for having a Jim Crow gun law still on our books. 

We will distribute it both to the NCGA and to our Governor (and to our Lt. Gov, Mark Robinson who you know from the "I am the majority" pro gun speech).

I was of course quite happy to oblige, and so I whipped up the following:

You can tell I'm serious when I break out the footnotes. 

A few weeks later I was told "The PPP repeal bill has been introduced. It goes to committee on Tuesday. I believe your letter is in the hands of our Legislative Action Team. They will be using it to bludgeon anyone who stands against it." This was the first time anything I've written has been used as a bludgeon and I was, frankly, thrilled to be weaponized in such a manner. 

It took over a month and an override of the North Carolina governor's veto, but the bill repealing the Pistol Purchase Permit finally passed on 29 March, 2023 and immediately went into effect. 

Just as in my previous post, 99.999999999% of the credit goes to other people in the repeal of his abhorrent law. I am simply pleased to have played a small role in all of this and I will treasure my crumb of gold. 

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