Monday, December 4, 2023

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 277: the Big News Week Round Table


In This Episode

It's been a week full of 2A news so we're having an ACP Round Table to sort it all out.  In this episode, Erin and Weer'd are joined by Oddball and David to discuss:

  • The Washington Post story which showed victims of gun violence isn't going the way WaPo expected;
  • OnePULSE, the organization that was trying to turn Pulse Nightclub into a memorial for the shooting victims, has disbanded;
  • New York has dropped the gun charge against Councilwoman Vernikov for carrying a pistol at a protest;
  • The courts have ruled against three gun licensing laws: the ATF's pistol brace ban, Oregon's Measure 114, and Maryland's handgun ownership license;
  • The Tennessee ERPO bill is officially dead from lack of support;
  • The Louisville Bank shooter's police report is now public, and he was motivated by gun control;
  • and to no one's surprise, the ATF has declared ownership of "Solvent Traps" to be a crime.

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