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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maternal Update

The results of my mother's tests are in, and everything looks great. There's still a slim possibility of cancer, but if so it's in the very early stages, and she's going to have her ovaries removed anyway just to be sure so if it's there it'll be gone.

Her surgery has been scheduled for March 31, and she'll be in the hospital for just a day. Unfortunately, the recovery time is going to be about two weeks (she's 70 and doesn't bounce back like she used to) so I am going to be very busy in about a month's time.

Still, at least this way my living at home is justified, because they'd be up shit creek if I wasn't here. Dad's the kind of person who thinks making a sandwich is cooking, and therefore woman's work. I don't think he could do the laundry if his life depended on it.

Big hugs and thank-yous to everyone who sent us thoughts and prayers and well-wishes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad.

    Help me remember when she's about to go for surgery so I'll be sure to pray for her.


    PS - Trying to carve out some time soon to track you down for a chat. We need to catch up. Work's been crazy on my end.


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