Tuesday, October 9, 2007


  • Only three episodes into Heroes, and already I can't stand Maya. "Oh noes, my brother is more than three feet away from me! Now I'll freak out and my powers will totally go out of control and KILL EVERYONE by making them leak black gunk from their eyes! Only my brother, who I love but in a totally non-incestuous way, can clean up my messes! Because he's a big strong man and I'm just a silly psychotic girl! Teehee!"
  • Actually, I started hating her last episode, so make that two episodes in.
  • I don't know if I have any Canadian readers left, but if so, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • My project for QMx is coming along nicely, but it's keeping me busy, hence this "phoning it in" blog post.
  • I now own about 25% of Jeff Stolarcyk's soul. Just FYI.
  • Call me Dentata was narrated by a vampire.
  • Pies are better than cakes, but a good cobbler beats the pants off both of those.


  1. There were folks who didn't realize it was by/about a vampire? Mmm'kay, if you say so...

  2. Personally I'm more annoyed by her brother. Mainly because he's so utterly inept. "Oh. Lets try to steal a car in broad daylight. Because I'm el mano and I'll do it to protect my psycho sister, because that's definitly not the way to attract attention now is it."

    ...and I'm kind of annoyed by the increased amounts of emo. The latinos are definitly emo, Claire is emo, her boyfriend is even more emo, BOTH the petrelli brothers are going on a tour to emoland and Niki...she's kind of Emo too.

  3. You assume I have a soul left, PalPal.


  4. I think the concept of a "pair" of heroes whose powers are "complementary" is kinda cool. The fact that they are twins and work that kinda makes sense because I've heard that twins often have a closer connection to each other than regular siblings.

  5. Well, we've seen numerous characters in the comics with powers that work in conjunction (Aurora/Northstar, TNT/Dan, even...gulp, Zan and Jayna!). I just don't think these two are interesting at all. And killing people by proximity is not that useful a power unless you're a villain. And yeah, too damned much emo, but I partly blame the perceived audience for that. And frankly, too many "pretty" people. How come the majority of folks who get powers look like Hollywood actors (aside from the fact that they're played by Hollywood actors). There are a couple notable exceptions, but otherwise, you apparently have to make the cover of GQ to be a paranormal...

  6. The only Non-GQ is...well, Masi Oka.

    And maybe that girl behind the chameleon mask, but that doesn't count.

  7. And as Asian guys on TV go, is Masi that bad-looking?

  8. No, not terribly.
    But he isn't a stud either if you know what I mean.

    And when it comes to "people on the show who have names" it's pretty much him Greg Grunberg and Stephen Tobolowsky that lack a sixpack.

    ...and Greg Grunberg isn't had looking either.


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