Friday, January 11, 2008

No post today

... I'm busy preparing for tomorrow's game of L5R, which has been on hiatus since November.

I'm sending them to Winter Court, which means that for the next 3 months of game time, they will be stuck in a castle as lots of politics unfold around them. This is a source of amusement for me, as the party consists of the following:
  1. One Crab bushi, whose idea of interaction is either getting drunk on sake, hitting things with an iron-shod club until they break, or sleeping;
  2. One Crab shugenja, who smells of formaldehyde and even less wholesome things, and gets a particular gleam in her eye when discussing vivisection;
  3. One Scorpion bushi, who has the skills to be well-rounded and effective in any situation, but who invariably rolls incredibly poorly;
  4. One Scorpion shugenja, who thinks of himself as an evil genius when he's about as predictable as a Bond villain;
  5. And one Wasp bushi, who typically acts without thinking and encourages the rest of the party into foolish behavior while admonishing them to "man up".
I'm going to send them to Crab lands, where they can spend time in the presence of the Hida Kisada, the "Great Bear" and leader of the Crab, who started killing when he was six years old.

If they perform as I predict, they will fuck up horribly in court, and will ask (or be assigned) to duty on the Great Wall. You know, the single barrier that stands between the Empire and the Shadowlands (aka Hell On Earth).

At least one of them is going to be Very Stupid (tm). And I will mercilessly slaughter that PC, because the Shadowlands do not fuck around. If they are smart, the players will realize this for the object lesson that it is.

And if they are dumb, I will kill them all.



  1. How do you fuck up horribly in a Crab court? I mean, I respect the necessity of the Crab clan, and appreciate the bulwark they provide against the uncleanliness of the Shadowlands, but you really must concede that they are only a step or two above those horse-fancying half-breeds in the Unicorn clan.

  2. Here I am planning on my Scion PCs meeting their mommies and daddies (finally) and you're planning wholesale murder. I'm too nice or you're too mean. Either way you're awesome.

  3. If they're smart, they'll read this blog. Shouldn't have warned them like this.


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