Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An awesome dream I had

Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with Jamie Hyneman (like you do) when suddenly we were accosted by Jamie Hyneman cosplayers. Apparently we were at a convention and the Mythbusters were the Guests of Honor. However, for whatever reason, Adam Savage wasn't there.

Not wanting to disappoint our guests (and perhaps fearing their wrath), Jamie introduced ME as Adam and gave me a "Don't screw this up" look. I of course was terrified because I look nothing like Adam but the fans seemed to buy it...

For the rest of the dream I was acting larger than life, waxing enthusiastic about stuff I didn't know anything about and just improvising like mad. I also signed a crapton of autographs, which apparently people took as legit.

So if you attended ImaginaryMythbusterCon inside Erin's Head, then you got a bogus Adam Savage autograph. Sorry, no refunds.

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