Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sorry about yesterday's Halloween post not posting. It seems to be hung up in committee.  Sigh...
(EDIT: it's up now.)

Now normally I don't go in for the National Novel Writing Month thing, because I do not do well under pressure and my novel moves at its own damn speed (which is glacially slow, I realize. I'm sorry. Buy me a quiet office where I can work for 8-16 hours a day and you'll see much more output from me). However, there is something I can do, which seems to be picking up speed and actually has  a good chance of getting finished, being published, and hopefully earning me some fame and fortune.

That thing is Pellatarrum. I actually have a third contributor now, which means the setting's total effective output has now tripled. However, of late I have been feeling a bit... impatient.

So I am embracing the spirit of NaNoWriMo but not its goal. It is my intention to concentrate on Pellatarrum through the month of November, flogging my co-contributors all the while, with the goal of hopefully generating 50k words of development for the setting.

But honestly? I don't think that's going to happen. Which isn't a dig at anyone; all of us have lives which demand our attention elsewhere, and real life takes priority over fantasy.


There are lots of creative folks out there in the Interweblogosphere, and I reckon at least some of you want to see more Pellatarrum, perhaps even in print. Maybe enough to want to contribute?

So here's what I'm proposing:

  1. Pick something about Pellatarrum you find fascinating and which hasn't been exhaustively explored yet. Fortunately for you guys, that's pretty much "everything" at this point. 
  2. Come up with an idea that fits into the gonzo-sorcery ethos of Pellatarrum. This is the hard part. 
  3. Email me your idea. 
  4. To be clear: I am a tyrant. I will look at your proposal and decide if your vision meshes with mine, can be adopted to fit mine, will take too much work to fit, or does not fit at all.
  5. If your idea is in one of the first two categories, you're in. I'll tell you everything I know about the subject and/or give you ideas on how to make it mesh, and then you can get to work. 
  6. Write an article of around a thousand words and submit it via Google Documents, if at all possible. If not, email is fine. 
  7. I will work with you to make sure both of us are happy with the result. 
  8. You will get full credit for your writing. 
  9. I can't pay. At least, not yet. Do this for the love the setting, or for bragging rights. 
  10. If I ever publish this thing, at the very least you'll get a free copy. 
There is an informal goal of "By the end of the month" but honestly, if you're writing for me, I'll take it whenever it's finished. I prefer quality over speed. 

Also, and this is important: 
While I would like this setting to be as system-neutral as possible, there will be times when a default system is needed. When that happens, we will use Pathfinder. Here is an online version of their FREE system resource document. 

All right? Let's go!

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