Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Facebook Funnies

Facebook Friend 1:  So, apparently, yesterday (April 30) was Dead Hitler Day and I'm only now finding out about this. I seriously feel fucking cheated now.

Facebook Friend 2:  With bin Laden's death on the same day I thought it was more of a general "Death to the enemies of America" day...

This webcomic is basically "My Little Pony" crossed with "Calvin & Hobbes."  If you like either of those, you should give it a look. If you like both, you need to start reading it IMMEDIATELY.

Me:  I have been dubbed "Princess Daintyhooves" by Mike SixEight. So it is written, so mote it be.

One person asked to hear my voice, and so I made this brief recording on Vocaroo.  It's gotten 15 "Likes" and over a dozen comments about how lovely it is. I actually don't get that, because I think I sound hoarse and nasal and terrible, but whatever.

Technically only on Facebook because I posted it, this comes via Borepatch:
A black day
On this day 211 years ago, Washington D.C. was incorporated. Other than a brief respite when the British burned the White House and Capitol, it's been all down hill since.


  1. No, you didn't sound hoarse/scratchy, but you sure sounded "ungirly". I would have said "mature", but that has the wrong connotations for what my brain is trying to express.

    You sound like a grown-up, I guess...

  2. What do *I* know about "womanly"? My XY chromosome made me stupid years ago. :-)

    But, yeah, I guess that was the thought, it just sounded sexist/condescending in my brain.


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