Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brony Mecha!

This donation for the Squeak or Treat raffle should tempt both bronies and wargamers alike.

Mydnight's Hobby Corner (the guy who paints Thirdpower's Ogre minis)  has generously donated two professionally painted CAV miniatures. The conversation went something like this (approximately):
Him:  Hi, I'd like to donate something to the raffle. I'm a miniature painter. Maybe I could paint something for someone?

Me:  Well, that's cool, but I don't know how many people would need that sort of thing... might be better to raffle off an  already-painted mini. Would you do that?

Him:  Sure!  What kind of minis do you like?

Me:  I like mecha.

Him:  I have some CAV minis I could paint. Here, look at some pictures. I could even do one in a pony theme if you'd like.

Me: (looks)

Me: (thinks a moment)

Me: Hmm, tell me... would you mind painting two instead of one?

Him:  I think so, yeah... what did you have in mind?

Me:  (gales of wicked laughter)

Here is what is so funny:  one of the mecha  excuse me, CAVs that he is offering to paint is called the Dictator.

Now if you're a pony fanatic, and you hear the term "dictator" -- what do you immediately think of?

That's right, you probably think of this:

So by now you're probably thinking, "Gasp!  Did you, Erin? Did you REALLY?"


Yes I did.

Now it's worth pointing out that both of these are still works-in-progress. Luna still needs her cutie mark and New Lunar Republic emblem, and Celestia needs more color/highlights (because all that white is boring), but this is enough to give everyone a rough idea of what you're going to get -- painted and detailed Princess Mecha, with hex bases and terrain details.

I'm honestly not sure if I should raffle these off as a set (because they'd be more valuable that way), or as individual pieces (so that a fan of Luna can get her mecha, and a slave of the solar monarch fan of Celestia can get hers). Either way, these are definitely $10 ticket items.

If you're a brony, you want these.  If you're a miniature gamer, one (or both) would be enough to annoy or demoralize your opponent. If you're a wargaming brony, then you NEED these.

Simply donate $10 (or more) to Squeaky's surgical fund, email me the PayPal receipt, and you're automatically entered into the drawing!

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