Monday, February 24, 2014

I Bask in the Light of Forever

Dedicated to Brigid, upon the loss of her beloved Barkley, 
in the hope that this brings her peace. 

I Bask In The Light Of Forever

I know my owner misses me,
And I sure miss her, too.
I hope she knows I'm doing fine,
And I know I'll see her soon.

You made me feel so safe, mom,
You surrounded me with peace.
Going to sleep within your arms
Was the way I'd choose to leave.

I woke up in a lovely place,
And all my aches had fled.
Waiting there was a kind-faced man
Who scratched me on my head.

"Welcome to heaven, young pup," He said ,
I hope that you don't mind
Staying and playing with me for a while
Until it's your master's time."

Jesus is so good to me, mom,
He plays with me every day.
I run and I chase and I play ball and dig
And eternity just melts away.

I don't lack for playmates, mom,
There are so many friends for me here;
Doggies and kitties and children and birds,
And we romp, all love and no fear.

I bask in the light of forever,
Resting at Jesus' feet.
But every day I ask the Lord,
"When will my mom and I meet?"

He smiles and then pats me kindly
And He says "Oh, it won't be long now."
I know that He is telling the truth
Because time here flows different, somehow.

Heaven's a wonderful place, mom,
It's the perfect doggie resort.
So while I can't wait to see you,
Don't you dare cut your time on earth short!

When your time comes I will be waiting,
All wagging tail and kisses and love,
And together my joy will be complete:
I and my master, with the Master Above.


  1. Well put. Your original work?

  2. Yes. Unless otherwise indicated, all writing on this site is mine.

  3. Even better than that poem of yours I sang for my theory final *wipes at leaky eyes*

  4. Thank you. I'm still surprised you liked that other one... in retrospect it seems like nothing more than a long angsty whine to me.

  5. Sure is dusty in here...

  6. Thank you.

    I read this, then read it again. On the second reading of the third to last stanza I had to get up and spend some time petting my dog.
    It took a bit to get him to to calm down as he was worried something was wrong, but he did, and I found a new spot that he really likes to be scratched in, (just behind his shoulderblade).

    He actually rolled over so far I had to catch him as he fell off the couch. It's moments like that which underscore what dogs mean.

    So thank you again.

  7. That was beautiful Erin.

    Thank you for that.


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