Friday, February 28, 2014

SHTFriday: Your Apocalypse Arsenal

I am talking about guns on the internet! Quick, someone needs to tell me that I'm wrong!

Also, my gun sucks and I'm not holding it properly. 


  1. Get your hoof off the trigger!

  2. You're wrong. Or at least your link is incorrect. Blogger ate it. You actually mean

  3. Thank you. Although it is rather appropriate that a post with Derpy Hooves in it ends up with a derped link...

  4. If only that blog didnt rely on G+ to comment. Oh well i guess it keeps the riff raff out. One day i am going to make a post explaining why there is no such thing as "birdshot" and which of the "birdshots" i would actually use to shoot birds with, but i am sitting on the couch tryng to watch Space, play on the interwebs while getting the gunk out of a Mosin barrel, while not knocking the mug over and soaking my laptop in tea, so another time perhaps.


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