Thursday, March 27, 2014

Critical Irony Overload!

     So here we find ourselves back at the intersection of Gaming and Gunnies, this time under more agreeable circumstances, I'd say. For today we have seen someone dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light to show their own sins when they would persecute us for our hobbies and lifestyles.

     Leland Yee is an asshole. I tried to come up with a more artistic way of saying that but it's pretty simple. A few years ago he tried to legislate a bill that would make it a crime to sell violent games to kids. Now, I'm not saying "think of the children" here (I hate that mentality), but kids have parents for a reason. If you don't want your child jacking cars and running over prostitutes, or tea-bagging soldiers after shooting them in the head, don't buy GTA or Call of Duty for them. There's plenty of games that focus less on violence that you could get for them if you took the time to review the content for yourself. It's not like we don't already have a content rating system (that's sometimes a little overzealous anyway) and it's not like our biggest retailers don't already card people buying games.

     The biggest irony here is that just a year or so ago, Mister Yee was crusading for tighter gun control, specifically one of those fiddly bits of gun laws that someone who knows more about the subject than me is going to have to comment on. Whether it was gun manufacturers trying to find a way around a current legal limitation or whether it was them trying to stay within those limitations of their own accord is something I'm not qualified to comment on, but he trotted out the "think of the children"

"But I am a father, and I want our communities to be safe, and god forbid if one of these weapons fell into the wrong hands."

"Think of the children. The poor innocents that must be shielded from any and every thing in the world that I personally find the least bit questionable." I suppose it's perfectly fine if one of those guns you were instrumental in smuggling ended up in your kid's hands, just not a legally purchased and well-maintained rifle that they were trained in using by a responsible adult, right?

The whole thing stinks of the kind of sandbox-crime game that he was trying to criminalize. A Grand Theft Auto or Sleeping Dogs writ large, what with the Chinese gangster connection and "Shrimp Boy" Chow being implicated alongside him. Between the company he's been keeping and the guns he's been running, the irony has hit critical mass here. A mutual enemy of gunnies and gamers, today, has been reduced to a laughingstock, and faces real repercussions. Not like that time he stole an $8 bottle of suntan lotion in Kona and the charges were dropped. For reals this time.

Hey Leland. Too bad you can't just give the cops 2 Grand and all your weapons so they'll let you go, huh?

As an aside, I'm going to be really red-faced if I've been using irony wrong this whole time..

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