Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stewing & Skulking

I have another rant stewing in the back of my head right now, but I currently have a case of Outrage Fatigue and I can't summon the proper amount of High Dudgeon.  Soon, however.... soon.

But just saying that and posting it is a piss-poor example of a blog post, and my readers have come to expect more from me than that. Therefore, I will show you a birthday present I got from my brother, along with a rare picture of me!  Yes, actually me, and not an avatar.

The rarely-seen Erin Palette, venturing outside her native habitat and wearing a Tactical Burqa. She is part of the Palmetto Tribe, which are either a band of Orcs or an offshoot of the Tusken Raiders -- details are unclear, but the Palmetto tribe are known to walk in an orderly fashion on sidewalks to disguise their numbers.

She is armed with an improvised spear (made from a knife, a utility pole bought at Home Depot, and 100 feet of paracord) and an unknown number of weapons concealed beneath her foliage. 

She may, in fact, be part tree. 

WARNING! If you cannot see the Palette in this picture you may be only moments from death! Your only hope is to placate her with offers of ammunition (7.62 and .22LR are preferred) or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys!

I like how these pictures turned out. Rather fetching, don't you think?

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