Friday, June 9, 2017

My Interview with OTTAR Magazine

Back in April, I was interviewed by Carl Åkerlund of OTTAR magazine. While the interview was conducted in English, the article (which can be read here) is in Swedish.

Fortunately for my non-Sweding speaking readers (whom I assume are "most of them"), Google Translate is here to help!... sorta.

Unfortunately, some of the translations are a bit... sketchy... at times.

But fortunately again, some of those sketchy translations can be hilarious!  For example, check this out:
Apparently I'm a badass Marvel villain!  I would have preferred to be a hero, but this is better than Google's translation of my Haaretz interview where it said I kissed my concealed carry license.

For those who can't puzzle out the context, here is a more accurate (albeit less entertaining) translation:
As the the rest of the article? I'm pleased because it presents a balanced depiction of both sides, and I'm thrilled that I received top billing over GAG.

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