Friday, June 23, 2017

This is why Operation Blazing Sword exists

Even though it's been a year since Pulse, LGBTQ people are still at risk in this country. Despite being a tiny portion of our nation's demographic - only 3.4% of all Americans - we still have a whopping 20-25% chance of being victims of violent hate crime. 

Attitudes like this are why:

Yes, you read that correctly: according to Mark Hagerman, all LGBTQ people are sexual perverts, and therefore all LGBTQ people are a danger to "normal people", thus preemptive attacks against LGBTQ people are "understandable."

That's right up there with "All men are rapists", for those keeping track. 

Now, I am practically a First Amendment absolutist. I am a huge fan of free speech, and so while I find Mr. Hagerman's voiced opinion repulsive, I will absolutely fight for his right to say it. This also means I don't believe he should be fined for it, arrested for it, or lose his job for it. 

Which puts me in the delightfully absurd position of respecting Mr. Hagerman's rights more than he respects mine. 

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