Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My LTUE Experience in Pictures

If you've listened to this week's episode of the Assorted Calibers Podcast, you've heard my recounting of events at the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium in Utah. I'm not going to tell those stories again, but what I will do is give you some photographs to go with them.

Thursday: Fundamentals of Self-Defense Law

Despite the name, this panel was more like "Gun Owners Talk About Things Modern Entertainment Gets Wrong About Firearms."  This series of pictures is from where I described the plot of an Arrow episode where bad guys stole industrial diamonds and used them to tip bullets so they could shoot through police kevlar.

Not shown is where LawDog (left) was beating his head against the table in frustration at the plot stupidity -- I think I caused him actual physical pain and I was worried I'd broken him -- but you can see his anguished reactions.

Friday: Oppressing a Gender, Race, or Species

I have no photographs from this panel, unfortunately. In my opinion it wasn't very spectacular so you aren't missing anything.

Saturday: Warfare in the Age of Drones and Robots

This is the one you've been waiting for: the International Lord of Hate being presented with an Operation Blazing Sword shirt.

Yes, my hair is different in these photos. I had a wig malfunction and I replaced it with a backup. I think this one looks better anyway.

I wish to state for the record that I got permission from Mrs. Correia before taking this pose. To her credit, she thought it was hilarious.

And here we have Larry Correia posing with a transwoman. Notice how he isn't afraid to put his arm around me. Notice how he doesn't mind that my hand is on his chest. Notice he's smiling so hard he's squinting.

The man is a giant teddy bear.

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  1. A giant teddy bear of HATE!!!
    Met him IRL ay a book signing and discussion. Super guy.


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