Sunday, February 24, 2019

Unknown Armies Episode 1

So I've acquired a bit of a reputation as a weird-yet-skilled RPG gamemaster, and people frequently say things like "Your games must be a blast" or "I wish I could play with you."

Well, while I can't let everyone in the world play with me (oo-er, missus!) I can let you listen in on a game session.

Last Wednesday, I ran an adventure for the Unknown Armies RPG to fill in for my currently Pathfinder GM who's been dealing with family problems. UA is a weird, fun little game that not many people have heard about. It's an urban fantasy role-playing game that's hard to describe, so I'll toss out a few similes:
  • It's the game people wanted Mage: the Ascension to be, all gritty and street level instead of high-minded and cosmic. 
  • It's the game you'd get if Hunter S. Thompson wrote a Vertigo comic. 
  • In the words of one of the game's writers, it's about "Power and Consequences". 
  • In the words of another, it's a game about a "Bunch of skeevy weirdos trying to undermine the fundaments of reality because no one else had the brass to try it".
So yeah, that's the game. Urban fantasy with some horror and brutality and high weirdness... and I recorded our first session. I've been given permission by all of my players to make the recording public, so if you're interested in giving it a listen, here's the link to download it, or you can just hit play below.

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