Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year?

 Yikes, it's been a busy season for me, Between the holidays and trying to clean up the various messes that dad has left us (both financial and literal), I've been pretty absorbed lately. So absorbed, in fact, that I forgot to post the My Little Pony Christmas card that has become traditional around here. So, since Christmas is a season of the church that lasts until January 6, I'm posting this here and claiming that no, I'm not at all late. 

And because one of my friends pointed out "No love for Applejack", I rationalize that away by saying:
  • AJ is wrangling the sheep.
  • Fluttershy is leading the bird chorus.
  • Rarity is in charge of costumes.
  • And Pinkie Pie is running the concession stand. 

Right, so that's Christmas handled. As I write this, Twenty Twenty Won is ticking down its final moments, and I hope that the new year is merely 2022 and not Twenty Twenty, Too. 

And now, some festive New Year's memes:

Art by Lily Seika Jones

I wish everyone (including myself -- hell, especially myself) a healthy, happy, prosperous, and above all else a SANE and NORMAL 2022.

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