Monday, December 13, 2021

Kaffeine Kate

Katherine Saunders was a barista at Starbucks while studying to be a doctor at Paragon City University (endocrinology, if you must know). As the course load became heavier she started drinking more coffee in order to stay awake longer, cramming for tests and writing term papers. Eventually, she drank so much caffeine that her minor mutant power, the ability to process stimulants more efficiently than other humans, kicked into high gear and mutated further. 

Her metabolism now permanently overcharged, Kate exists in a perpetual state of caffeine overload. She jogs at 60 mph, and when really wants to go fast she can outrun anything that isn't jet-propelled. Her nervous system is also a powerful superconductor, able to discharge powerful bolts of bio-electricity she calls "Java Jolts" that will fry non-EMP resistant electronics and turn most enemies into twitching, drooling lumps. 

Although her boots and gloves are made of a special material that grips surfaces tightly without restricting her mobility, the rest of her costume is little more than a runner's spandex unitard because heat buildup, flexibility, and above all chafing is a concern for her. She doesn't worry about road rash because in addition to heightened speed and reflexes, she can manipulate the levels of caffeine and blood sugar in others. Essentially a "caffeine vampire", she can take energy from others to supercharge herself (including her healing factor) and induce speed or lethargy to others as needed.

She wears a ruggedized microphone and speaker on her face because shenormallytalkislikethiswhichsoundslikeataperunningatfastforwardwithoutanybreaksbetweenwords and most people can't understand that, so the mic catches what she says, records it, slows is down to a rate that people can understand, and plays it back for them. This entire process is incredibly boring for Kate, and so she is constantly fidgeting, moving, and doing things while waiting for people to catch up to her. She's become somewhat of a favorite among the ADHD crowd for this and does a lot of advocacy work for related charities. The Kaffeine Kate-brand fidget spinners are quite popular.

Now a paid spokeshero for Starbucks Corporation (LookIgottaeatandsuperheroingdoesn'tpaythebillsandlookatmedoyouthinkIcouldworkaregularjobImeanreally), Kate spends her time between promotional and charity appearances doing heroic deeds and delivering hope, inspiration, and a much-needed caffeine boost to all the overworked heroes of Paragon City. 

Does she even sleep? No one knows.

Kaffeine Kate: a Kinetics/Electric Blast defender

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