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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Conventional Chaos

Pop quiz, hotshots: How many planets does our solar system have?

Prior to September 13, 2006, the correct answer was nine. Nowadays we have either eight or eleven, depending on how literally you parse the word "planet".

Yes, Eris had managed to toss another golden apple into our solar system back in 2005 with this little bowling display, and the astronomers and scientists and people-who-make-names-official promptly fell all over themselves arguing about her. Three Letter Acronyms, such as TNO, were bandied about. Eventually, after much brouhaha, she was classified on 9/13/06 as a dwarf planet, along with Pluto and Ceres.

To reiterate: Eris got Pluto demoted from planet status, and a glorified asteroid promoted to "dwarf planet".

That, my friends, is what we call a display of pure, unadulterated, Erisian power.

So back to the picture again:
  • Golden Apple
  • Roughly spherical... one might say almost planetoid in appearance
  • "No power in the 'Verse [universe] can stop us."
Indeed, no power in the universe can stop Eris.. including the lawyers and bureaucrats who name the silly things.


  1. So the symbolic namesake for disorder got itself classified, labelled, and put on a list for schoolchildren everywhere to memorize. Worse, it was done by a group of order-worshipping men and women to live and breathe to bring order to the chaotic patterns of the universe. You might as well tell it to stand in line and wear a uniform now! This sounds like a victory for the forces of Order to me...

  2. Hahahah... no. I can see why you'd think that, though.

    It is ALWAYS the nature of order to seek to classify things -- it is the Curse of Greyface.

    The parable of Starbuck's Pebbles is a prime example of this.

    As far as Discordians are concerned, anything that shakes up the status quo is good. As specifically regards Planet Eris, wait and see.. the shakeups aren't done yet. I doubt Pluto will remain a "dwarf planet" for more than 10 years, especially now that attention has been brought to Trans-Neptunian Objects.

    This party is just getting started!


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