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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No Monday Gunday for you!

Sorry to go all Soup Nazi on you, but here's what happened:

I originally planned to do a post on "Felt recoil difference between 124gr +P and 147gr." Then I realized, Hey, maybe I should get more data on this, as this is just my experience with my pistol.  So I logged in to #GunbloggerConspiracy to ask around.

Well, it turns out that some of their experiences were different than mine. I felt that what I needed to do was shoot the ammo from various pistols to find out for sure.  Someone who is ging to the NRA Annual Meeting offered to let me shoot his various 9mm pistols.  So okay, I put that one to the side in favor of collecting more data.

Then I got the idea of asking, "Hey, what kind of bad gun habits do you have?"  I don't mean irresponsible gun handling or anything, but more like "I do this thing and it's probably poor form but I'm not violating any Col. Cooper's Rules so it's only a mild peccadillo at best."   Like, I'm talking the gunnie versions of "I don't always wash my hands after I use the bathroom" or "I still pick my nose" kind of things. I guess I figured people would read it, and laugh, and say "Oh, hey, I do the same thing, it's not a big deal"  or "I do this thing that's kinda weird and kinda funny, you'll like it" and we'd all have a good time.

So I wrote the post, including my own minor little sin just to start things off, and then after it was ready to go I held off from posting. That little voice in the back of my head was asking Hey, is this really such a good idea?  You know how much people on the internet love to be self-righteous and jump all over folks who do things the "wrong" way.

I was still up in the air about it (because, y'know, I've kind of built this blog around being confessional about the dumb things I say and do -- Useful Idiot, I make mistakes so you don't have to, etc) when I thought of a second, and probably better, reason not to post it:

We gun owners have enough difficulty with our opponents as it is. Why should I give our political enemies more ammunition (heh) to use against us?  The last thing we need is for someone to link to my blog and say "Oh, so you gun owners are so responsible?  Why then does Erin Palette pick her toes in Poughkeepsie with a P-38, then? Huh? Huh?"  And then everyone would get annoyed and sigh deeply and roll their eyes and ask me not to help our opponents so much.

Now it's 2:15 am my time  (not yet midnight on the West Coast, so I'm counting this as a win), and the only thing I have to show for today is this.

And that's why no soup for you.

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