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Friday, November 11, 2016

Why I'm Not Worried About My Safety in a Trump Presidency

I've been asked more than a few times "Erin, you're a lesbian transwoman. What do you think about your safety in a Trump administration?" And I've decided to answer these questions publicly:

I am not at all worried about what Trump might do to LGBTQ people and rights. I've seen pictures of Trump holding the rainbow flag and smiling, and anyone who takes the effort to say "LGBTQ" on camera, twice, is someone who understands the importance of our community.
(I'm even less worried about Pence because when has the Vice President ever amounted to anything when it comes to policy? Heck, the First Lady has more influence over domestic policy than the VP.)

Now I suppose it's possible that everything Trump said during the election about promising to support and protect the LGBTQ community was a lie to get elected. If that's the case I'm still not worried, because the Pulse Terror Attack showed that ordinary Americans care about the lives and safety of LGBTQ people, and the success of Blazing Sword has shown that "stereotypical gun owners" believe we have a right to self-defense and will help train any of us -- yes, even their political rivals. Liberals have as much right to life and liberty as conservatives.

Since its inception, the Pink Pistols has said "Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed." The logical extrapolation here is "Armed LGBTQ don't lose their rights." As a best case scenario, we ally with the millions of gun owners who believe that both gay rights and gun rights are civil rights, and that makes us a formidable voting block. (You think the NRA has power now? Imagine them teaming up with GLAAD and the ACLU to oppose legislation to disarm & deport LGBTQ people!)

As a worst case? The Second Amendment is a guard against tyranny, and I know that many straight white gun owners will fight alongside us if necessary.

Now does this mean I'm saying all the reported hate crimes haven't happened? No, it does not. What I am saying is that there are many people already predisposed towards violence who have wrongly interpreted Trump's election as a referendum against minorities and are acting like this because they think they can get away with it. However, criminal behavior is still illegal, and this country still acknowledges the right of self-defense.

So I am not worried. If you are worried, I understand; I'm not belittling your fears or concerns. What I am saying is that instead of being afraid, you should do something constructive to allay your fears and give yourself the agency to protect yourselves.

Reach out to the people of Blazing Sword. Get educated on firearms. If you decide they're right for you, buy one, learn to shoot it, get a permit to carry it concealed. You'd be surprised to learn just how empowering it is to have in your hands the most effective way to protect yourself against multiple aggressors who are taller, stronger, and heavier than you.


I'm going to note here, now, that it's not my desire to start a screaming argument. People asked my opinion, and I am giving it; the fact that my opinion differs from yours would, in a perfect world, not be seen as threatening.

Alas, we don't live in a perfect world. So just keep in mind that while I am happy to calmly discuss my thoughts with you, I am in no way required to justify them to your satisfaction.

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