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Friday, January 18, 2008

I think I've been possessed by Troy Hickman...

... because I have been inventing super heroes based on terrible, horrible puns.

Bad Touché: A leering fencer who likes to make inappropriate comments and invade personal space. Sort of like Pepe Le Pew, but sleazier. And with one of those "Hi I'm a sex offender" little mustaches. He frequently battles...

My Farad Lady: A cockney lass who gained electrical powers as a result of an experiment by a mad Professor of Electrical Engineering in London. Her battle cry is "Ohm a good girl, I ohm!"

Hat Trick: A dapper English gent in a top hat and tux, who has modernized the traditional art of yeomanry by bringing it into the 21st century, eh wot? His diabolical arch-nemesis is...

Earl Grey Death: A dour, portly fellow who was born in India when it was still an English colony. He gained powers of invisibility "tendrils of strangulating darkness" from drinking a tea whose leaves were grown in a grove sacred to a thugee cult. After each victim, he performs the teabag emote, wherein he steeps a cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot) over their head.


  1. No. Get on more drugs! =D

    That said. Bad Touché reminded me of Bomb Voyage, my favorite super-villain.

  2. My Farad Lady is great. My Fair Lady is one of my absolute favorite movies.. I think her Nemesis would have to be Prof. Higgens.

  3. You mean you DREAM you've been possessed by Troy Hickman...


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