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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Gunday: Erin Assembles an AR (part 2)

Having bought the stripped lower, and recently flush with some cash from a writing assignment, I decided the first thing I absolutely needed was a pistol grip for my lower so that I could hold it like a proper gun.

Because pew pew pew, dammit.

I didn't know much of anything about AR-15 grips (other than the fact that there are a lot of them) so I did some research. I quickly realized I wanted two things:
  1. A grip that wasn't black
  2. A nifty storage compartment in the handle
And of course, the unspoken zeroth requirements of   "It must fit my hand" and "Cannot cost an arm and a leg."

This led me to the Magpul MIAD. It has three backstraps, two finger plates, comes in a variety of colors, has a bunch of storage core options, and was under $30 at Amazon.

Not mine. This picture is from the web. 

I bought the trigger guard at the same time, just because I could.

This one is mine. Sorry about the glare. 

This is known as "flat dark earth," and the picture makes it look a lot more khaki than it really it. In reality it looks more like "sick baby poop" aka chartreuse.

It also comes with the default storage core capable of holding three .223 rounds:
I have only the one because I picked it up at the range. 

So that's cool. Now I have something to hold on to when I pick it up.

Finally, I think I'm going to name this rifle Frank, because

  1. I'm assembling it Frankenstein style, with a mishmash of pieces, and
  2. Francisco is a Spanish name and Stein is Jewish; therefore, Florida.
 Pew pew pew.


  1. it's a good grip. i did a whole Magpul Fanboi gun a couple of years ago because FDE. now we need to put some, yanno, parts inside the receiver for the pewpewpew part.

  2. Working on that. I have a line on a really good deal for both an LPK and a buffer/stock, but I need to wait for more money to come in. Hopefully I can place the order by the first week of September. 

  3. If you're going to have a storage compartment in the handle, then real weapon nerds use the handle (in the cases where the handle IS hollow. Or the stock if you don't have a military "bare bones" type of stock) to store the tools necessary to fully strip the weapon, adjust scopes attach new stuff etc (you know, the good stuff). Cleaning parts can always be bought at a cheap-cheap price, but the same is not always true for that specific screwdriver (especially not if it's required in the field). Then you always know where you've placed them.

  4. That's probably what I'm going to do with it. The problem is that the all-in-one tool kit is beaucoup expensive. 

  5. Good name. I have a truck with that name, for reason number 1. I think your Frank will look a lot better than mine does (at the moment at least).

  6. If you count the furniture, my last AR build has parts from ten different makers on it. If you count the working parts only, eight different makers.

    And I call it Fugly.

  7. Late response, but something to save your gold pieces for is a gissele SSA trigger group.  Expensive, but Oh. . . My. . . God. . . good.  Like the difference between clumsy, teenaged first kiss and, "What the Hell is my name?" kissing.

  8. I'll have to see if I can get one for T&E. :D


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