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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm like a Green Day song

.. in that I've got no motivation.  Not sure if I'm fighting off a bug, or this is my usual seasonal depression, but as of this moment I really don't want to do more than sit in front of the computer or the TV and aimlessly stare at the screen.

Anyone want to write a guest post for me?  Pellatarrum, My Little Pony, guns... heck, it's Khaotica season and I can't even be arsed to write about it, so if another Discordian wants to take a shot at it, by all means do so.

I'll just be here in my bathrobe, flipping through channels.


  1. Already sent you one, awhile back

    Rob (Trebor)

  2. You did?  

    Oh jeez, now I have to admit that I don't remember who it was from and what it was about, and that I've probably lost it in the morass that is my Gmail account. 

    If I ask you nicely, will you please resend it? :)

  3. It's probably the season.  You know, when the snowbirds return to Florida.  Such a giant influx of, if you will pardon the term, Yankees is enough to get anyone down.

  4. I actually did a double take with that. 

    "Wait... he resents me? Why? I said I was sorry... of, he probably means re-sent."  


  5.  resent, re-sent, you say Potato, I saw Cucumber...

  6. Go shoot your Mosin and write about it.

  7. I *do* need to shoot it some now that I've installed the Timney trigger and bedded the action....  :)

  8.  Btw, did the re-sent version go through?

    Rob (Trebor)


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