Saturday, April 18, 2015

Traveller Tuesday Saturday: the Peregrine-class Interceptor

This is something I teased my players with as they were refueling in an interdicted system. They were suitably impressed with "their transponders click on well within your sensor range, they fly across your bow at 15 Gs, and then disappear well within sensor range" that the PCs declined to scan for signatures.

That was probably wise.

My use of Traveller setting and dress falls under
fair use guidelines for both Mongoose and Far Future Enterprises.

The Peregrine-class interceptor is little more than a 10 dton fighter mounted to a 20 dton engine. This gives it incredible performance (15G maneuver) at the expense of nearly everything else.

As an interceptor, its mission profile is simple:
  1. Travel under stealth at high speed toward a target. 
  2. Scan the target and determine if it is hostile or not. 
  3. If hostile, deploy its payload of high-yield missiles at short range (to prevent them being shot down by point defense).
  4. Return to base to re-arm, or track the hostile at a safe range, as situation demands. 
In order to accomplish this mission, severe miniaturization is used. As a result, the Peregrine is an exceptionally expensive TL15 fighter (193.7 MCr, not counting the sunk costs for stealth technology*). 

* Rules for enhanced stealth can be found in Noah Ternullo's excellent Apparition-class Multirole Deep Intruder, which is recommend reading for all Traveller GMs. 

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