Sunday, July 31, 2022

Killin' It on Twitter

Last week I was informed that "Whoever is running the twitter page is killin it, pun not intended". Well, that person was me. While I usually let my friendly Social Media Mammal handle those sorts of things, in the aftermath of hero Eli Dicken stopping the murderer at Greenwood Park Mall I felt it necessary to take the reins for a bit in order to make some good points -- and, of course, get in some shots at Shannon Watts, who posted this tweet... and then deleted it, likely on the advice of her lawyers. 

The deleted tweet.


I don't know why she thought deleting it would do any good. The internet is forever, after all. 

She could have issued a retraction and apologized, of course, but that would be admitting she was wrong, and she won't do that. So now she and/or Moms Demand Action will likely be sued by Eli Dicken's lawyer, Guy Relford, for defamation.

Anyway, I went on a bit of a tear after that.  

If you'd like a Thread Reader version of this conversation, I have you covered.

I finished up with this. Not only is it 100% true, but it's a great thing to throw in the faces of those who say "You only carry a gun because you want to be able to legally murder people."

So that was me on Twitter earlier in the month. I had fun, made some good points and got in some good shots. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My Interview with The Independent

Arrgh! I have been struggling with multiple Impossible Tasks for Eris-knows-how-long and I'm sick of it, so instead of worrying about doing it properly I'm just going to crap out this blog post so that it's DONE and I can cross if off my list and I won't feel guilty/lazy/incompetent anymore for not doing it. 

So yeah, back in June I was approached by Io Dodds of The Independent, a UK-based magazine, who wanted to write an article about the growth of gun ownership among queer people for Pride Month. 

We had a long, in-depth interview that went very well. What's more, unlike a lot of interviews I'd had where I'm lucky to have two sentences attributed to me, this article quotes me for paragraphs

Also, look at that title. How can you not love that title?

I encourage you all to read the whole thing

Monday, July 25, 2022

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 209: Elisjsha Dicken is a Hero


In This Episode

  • Erin and Weer’d discuss:
    • Various States' responses to NYSRPA v Bruen;
    • The recent shootings in Norway, Japan, and Chicago;
    • The spree killing which was thwarted by hero and crack shot Elisjsha Dicken;
    • Steve Dettelbach's appointment as ATF Director;
    • And the warmed-over Assault Weapons Ban bill that's currently in the US House of Representatives.
  • Xander brings us his Independent Thoughts on comparing hunting regulations with gun control;
  • and because there's always room for Jell-O, David explains how to make your own ballistic gelatin.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:

Independent Thoughts With Xander Opal:

Gun Lovers and Other Strangers:

Monday, July 18, 2022

Assorted Calibers Podcast COVID Break


Sorry, but there's no show this week. Weer'd caught COVID and without a voice for most of the week. We will be back next week, though, and our Patreon content will not be interrupted!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 208: Send in the Experts!


In This Episode

Given the historic events of last week, we* have brought in professionals this week to expertly analyze and reflect upon what those events mean for us and for our nation.

  • In separate interviews, Benjamin Blatt, Esq. and Clayton Cramer discuss the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which was recently signed into law.
  • Mr. Blatt then returns to discuss the implications of the NYSRPA v. Bruen Supreme Court decision.

*This was Erin's idea, and Erin is NEVER wrong! (Erin says: Weer'd wrote that. I would never say it. But neither am I going to delete it...)

Did you know that we have a Patreon? Join now for the low, low cost of $4/month (that’s $1/podcast) and you’ll get to listen to our podcast on Friday instead of Mondays, as well as patron-only content like mag dump episodes and our hilarious blooper reels and film tracks.

Show Notes

Monday, July 4, 2022

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 207: Cause Célèbre!


In This Episode

It’s another ACP Round Table! Join Weer’d, Erin, Oddball, and David as they talk about:

  • The passage of the Bipartisan Gun Bill, and how it probably isn't as bad as you've heard.
  • A Pride Day attack in Oslo, Norway, and how spree killings do happen in other countries.
  • There are also some more grim facts regarding the police response in the Uvalde School massacre.
  • But the point of this show is to celebrate the victory of NYSRPA vs. Bruen!

Did you know that we have a Patreon? Join now for the low, low cost of $4/month (that’s $1/podcast) and you’ll get to listen to our podcast on Friday instead of Mondays, as well as patron-only content like mag dump episodes and our hilarious blooper reels and film tracks.

Show Notes

Friday, July 1, 2022

Things I Wish I'd Been Told

Tips & Tricks on "How Best to Be a Girl" -- a collaborative effort between myself and my female friends on Facebook. 

  • Before buying a bunch of different colored items, first consider where on the body you will wear it, and be certain it works with your color tones, hair color, etc. A skirt color may look fabulous on you, but that same color may wash out your face and/or hair as a blouse. 
  • Once you find something that fits you comfortably and looks good on you, buy a bunch of different colors and patterns of that thing, because who knows when you will ever see it again?
  • If you feel comfortable and attractive in it, you are attractive in it. If you love it, but it makes you feel uncomfortable, you're not going to be attractive in it the same way. 
  • Try on clothes any time you can. If you can't, buy oversize and take it in. 
  • Get someone else's opinion on clothes; you always see your faults first.
  • There should be a mirror as far away as possible from where you usually get dressed. Everyone looks worse when a mirror is too close. Ideally, your mirrors should be set a little higher than you'd think, and angled slightly down.
  • Ladies' pants sizing sucks and you will never get a consistent answer on what size you are, especially for jeans (curvy, straight, slimming, "boyfriend" cut, etc.). Try them all on, and once you find a size/style you like, buy several.
  • The same goes with bras. The size you measure as may or may not actually correspond with a bra that fits your breasts.
  • Don’t go cheap on underthings. Good, comfortable underwear & bras are worth the money.
  • HAND WASH AND HANG DRY BRAS. It's almost impossible to find a truly comfortable one, good ones are very expensive, and bra hooks get hung on terry cloth towels, knits, etc.
  • You can also use a lingerie bag to wash bras in a mixed load, but underwires still take a beating, so hand washing is preferable.
  • Always bring more then one pair of pantyhose if you're going on a trip, because at some point they will rip.

  • Pointy-toe shoes (especially high heels) have a smaller toe box than round-toe shoes and are more likely to cause discomfort like bunions, so either size up or avoid them altogether. 
  • Try on shoes in the evening when your feet are most swollen, so you won't be in agony at the end of the day.
  • Wear shoes a few times for extended periods before the event. If you get blisters, wait until they heal and try again a few times before giving up.
  • If pumps kill your feet or any other part of your body, wear flats. Seriously, unless you're on the red carpet, no one cares.
  • Ballet flats are comfy and look nice with nearly anything, from jeans to fancy casual. 
  • Always get real leather shoes. Leather conforms to your foot better, lasts longer/won't crack like plastic, and breathes, so your feet won't sweat or stink like they will when keeping them encased in plastic all day.

  • Whenever possible, put on your makeup under the same lighting conditions where you plan to be. What looks good under incandescent may look awful under fluorescent or natural light. 
  • It’s always better to buy a full-coverage foundation and put on less, rather than buying a medium or sheer foundation and building it up.
  • Apply a light oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen (like Neutrogena) before you apply liquid foundation. This will help your foundation cover more area without looking too heavy, plus it will moisturize and protect you from the sun.
  • Always brush your teeth before, and never after, putting on your lipstick. 
  • To prevent getting lipstick on your front teeth: pucker your lips after putting on lipstick/gloss, then put your index finger in your mouth, and pull your index finger out of your mouth. Any errant lipstick will come off on your index finger and not be on your teeth.
  • If you are over 40, ignore every single bit of advice about what styles of makeup you should avoid. The list of things that women "can't do" to make themselves attractive over 40 is absolute BS.

  • When trying on fragrance, apply and walk away. Wait at least an hour or two to see if you like it then. Fragrances usually have three layers, and straight out of the bottle you're only getting the top one. 
  • If you really like a fragrance, look up what notes are in it and you can search for recommendations based on that.
  • Be careful with scented products. Sometimes a body lotion, a deodorant and a perfume (or even a dry shampoo or scented hair product) may clash and make for a gag-inducing fit for anyone who comes near you.

  • Apply deodorant or baby cornstarch around the bra line. Boob sweat is real.
  • Tea tree oil-based powder is also good for combating boob sweat. It helps absorb the sweat, keeps the sweat bacteria that causes the stink at bay, and keeps the under-boob area healthy.
  • Moisturize. Everything else you wear is replaceable, but not your skin. Moisturize and use sunscreen.
  • Use a facial specific sunscreen on your face. 
  • Wear large sunglasses to help prevent crow's feet.
  • Always carry a stain treating stick, especially if you are busty, because you will end up spilling food on your chest a lot. 
  • Nail / Hand care is essential. It’s overlooked often, but you never know when you will be shaking hands with someone or sharing a meal where you won’t be able to hide your hands. The same goes with feet if you wear open toe-shoes.
  • Always carry something to put your hair up if you have long hair. The wind can come up, the humidity can change, you can get tired and sensory overload can kick in and that strand of hair that just won't get off your forehead can start driving you crazy. There are cheap and cute hair clips available everywhere and they will make you more comfortable, and therefore more attractive.
  • Take the hair tie off of your wrist and put it in your pocket or purse. It’s juvenile and looks bad in pictures. 
  • Develop a good day and night skin care routine. This is essential to putting “your best face forward”.
  • Don’t forget your eyebrows. Have them shaped regularly and keep it up yourself. Also brush/comb them well after doing your makeup.

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