Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Dreaded Posting This

As of the time of writing, this video has over 2.5 million views.

2.5 million. Even taking into account repeated viewings, this means that likely over one and a half million people have seen it. It's things like this which bust a narrative wide open.

"Why are you filming this?"

 If you're unclear what's happening here, this is a white guy with (honestly some rather unflattering) dreadlocks. What's obvious from the rest of his appearance, dress, and manner is that he's pretty committed to this look and lifestyle, and not just some random frat boy that's decided to make his hair 'ethnic' for the day. He's being harassed by the woman in the video, unaware that she's being recorded. He tries to leave three times before she grabs him and shouts at him to take his hands off of her after a quick glance at the camera.

The story's been making the usual rounds. Some are trying to spin it, mentioning that the guy is 'using it to promote his music' and that she 'was raised in foster care.' Apologia. Under the legal definition, she assaulted him for the way he was wearing his hair. Maybe it was cultural appropriation, if you buy into the narrative that only dark-skinned people can wear dreadlocks (despite the evidence that numerous cultures throughout history have worn their hair like that). If that's the case, then maybe the old adage "You might not be wrong, but you're still an asshole" rings true.

Next week I'm technically on vacation, but I'll post you all a picture from the top of a mountain. And I'm not sorry for that title pun.

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