Monday, May 15, 2017

Operation Blazing Sword featured in Haaretz

Last month I was interviewed by a reporter from Haaretz, which I'm told is "Israel's New York Times".

The article was published this past weekend - in Hebrew. If you don't speak Hebrew and/or you don't want to subscribe to read the article in Haaretz, an English translation is here.

Here's a bit of funny based on Google's translation of the Hebrew before it was hidden behind the paywall:
My reaction was "Well of COURSE I kissed my concealed weapon permit when I received it in the mail - didn't we all? - but it's not like I make a HABIT of it or anything."

Fortunately, the writer of the article saw my post and emailed me with this explanation:
I saw that you posted it on Facebook, and people Google translated it in hilarious ways (e.g. since Hebrew has no vowels, the words "to kiss" and "for a gun" are written identically but pronounced differently, and a Hebrew speaker derives the meaning from the context). 
I seem to be collecting odd titled. "Trans Woman Kissing a License" is one of my favorites, probably because it sounds like the title of a French impressionist painting.

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