Monday, April 30, 2018

ACP Episode 004

In this week's podcast:
  • Erin and Weerd talk taxes, and how you can donate to Operation Blazing Sword to keep from giving the Government your hard-earned money.
  • They also discuss the UK’s knife bans and the broader implications they have for both Britons and the world.
  • Connie analyzes John Bolton’s appointment as National Security Adviser.
  • Savage1R steps back the technical talk and dives into the philosophy of why cryptocurrencies are important and why we should all care.
  • Weer’d Fisks part 2 of Shannon Watts on the 1A Podcast where she focuses on armed teachers to deter school shootings.
  • Steve tells a story where he was the subject of an investigation.

Listen to the episode here.

Show notes:

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