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Friday, February 8, 2013

I get some of the best letters

From a fan whose name I will withhold just in case anonymity is desired:
Curse you and your deviant Nagant-pushing! Now I've got *another* caliber/mouth to feed! And it's the carbine, too, so I get to spend my waning years yelling "What?!" at relatives.

So not only have I recruited another person to the Mosin Militia, I've saved the future by ensuring there's another cranky deaf old fart to plague a family.

And I get to add "Deviant Nagant-Pusher" to my list of epithets!

My job here is done.


  1. Mosins are awesome.  A perfect gun to make a profit at a gun buyback, too. :)

  2. Maybe you should do a review on different forms of hearing protection next :)

  3. Dude! The asshole squatting down with the barrel dangerously close to the guy behind him? That's me!

  4. but I already have a Nagant. She's name "Svetlana."

  5. "Deviant-Nagant Pusher"--so you're into revolvers, too?   Good Job

  6. Sure, I like revolvers. Don't have a Nagant pistol though.  (It was the letter-writer who called me that; I already know that I should be properly called a Mosin-pusher.)

  7. Huh? What did you say?  SPEAK UP BOY!

  8.  I can't call it a "Mosin". Every time I do, my brain kicks up "Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Russkies made a Mosin. It deafens the chosen, Nagant! In every kind of season, the bang is mighty pleasin', so keep that surplus Mosin-Nagant!"

    Plus, it's the only way I can announce in public that I bought a case of strippers for my long gun.

    I know I'm broken, four therapists and counting...


  9. I "heard" that song to the tune of "Hankerin' for a hunk of cheese."

    And it sounds to me like you need fewer therapists and more recoil therapy. ;)

  10. I got a couple of wooden crates of ammo before it was sold out, old school stuff.. before spam cans, dated 1945. I felt like I was opening some sort of time capsule. Still goes boom!

  11. I really really really want an M38...

  12. and update of sort with that stock i "found", found another video, and general amusements and 7.62x54R relations:

    searching for a series of Mosin jokes, on glory of people's rifle and
    best rifle, and other - apparently some guy wrote in a
    "russian voice" and went on, at least about glory of best rifle... can't
    find it yet.

    instead i find:



    humina humina :

    but also:

    Shot Show 2013 Archangel Mosin Nagant stock

    Archangel Mosin Nagant Mag Demo <-------------------NEW

    ArchangelDevelopment's channel:


  13. The fella you are looking for is called Ivan Chesnokov.

    Dobro pozhalovat, tovarisch


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