Thursday, February 2, 2017

[unintelligible shouting and sounds of glass breaking]

What did I say last week?

What did I say?

And then you went and did it anyway. You went and... [more incoherent screaming and smashing of crockery]... thank you, I feel better now.

So last week I warned about Antifa. This week I was just going to explore the Nazi-punching craze and how it's kind of dangerous, because out of the three major people I've seen accused of being a Nazi in the last week, only one of them remotely counts and he said, and I quote, "neo-Nazis hate me." The others were a YouTuber who went on a livestream with a controversial self-proclaimed classical Liberal and vented about the state of the Left, and a gay Jew with a predilection for homosexual miscegenation.

The latter, Milo Yiannopoulos, is without a doubt controversial. He says things, purposely, to ruffle feathers and cause outrage. He calls himself The Internet's Greatest Supervillain. And he had a speech scheduled at UC Berkeley this week that was shut down when a protest was infiltrated and agitated by Antifa, resulting in physical assault on his supporters and bystanders alike; things being set on fire; nearby drivers being stopped by crowds, their windows smashed, and pepper-sprayed; and ATMs and Starbucks being vandalized.

Way to go, Left. You really proved that we're the good guys.
Really showed him, too, didn't you?
Resist. protest, raise your voices -- but stop letting bad actors escalate on your opponents and disappear leaving you holding the smoking gun. Antifa is not your friend, and the black bloc tactic is all about anonymity so that authorities can't identify who is causing violence and breaking the law. Once stores have been looted and cars have been burned, the only faces the police will see are yours.

Stop pretending there's no such thing as a Left-wing hate group. Antifa is a hate-group. They hate anyone to the Right of Stalin, and it's only a matter of time before you're the one that gets pepper-sprayed while talking to a reporter. It'll turn into Weather Underground all over again if we're not careful.

And the thing that gets me the most is the people celebrating this, like this is a good thing. You do realize that you're the ones with the unpopular opinion now, right? You do realize that the idea of freedom of speech is something you should be fervently defending, because it's YOUR speech that doesn't carry power anymore. Two years ago, I mused to myself that I wondered if people who laughed at "freeze peach" ever stopped to consider what was going to happen when they were the ones being de-platformed, protested, and shouted down. I'm pretty sure we're going to find out soon; I only hope those on the other end of the political spectrum are more polite than we've been.

Now, a final thought here: If you're going to insist on punching Nazis instead of meeting them face to face and explaining to all who will listen how their ideas are bad, make damn sure the person you're calling actually is a Nazi. Otherwise you're just assaulting someone who disagrees with you, and political violence should be, at best, a last resort. Unless someone is openly advocating for genocide and racial purity and taking steps to enact that, I won't be punching anyone. I'll stick to debunking, discrediting, and openly mocking them. I bring this up because I'm seeing a rapidly broadening definition of Nazi lately, and I'm starting to get the feeling that some of you just have an uncontrollable urge to punch somebody that you want to let loose.

I'm giving up on California in general, though. Anyone that wants, you're welcome in Legion territory, but the rest of the state can fall in the sea for all I care now.

Editor's Translation of that last sentence: I know that there are some good people in California, but for the most part the entire state's gone crazy. If they want out, we have better weather and more reasonable people. 

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