Monday, August 20, 2018

Gunnies Helping Gunnies: Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker, of The Smallest Minority blog, has been diagnosed with hereditary liver cirrhosis and has been hospitalized. His daughter Jessica has set up a GoFundMe for his mounting medical needs, and I'll let her tell the story:
So here I am again. The first time Kevin requested that I removed it. At this point I got "the best wife in the world's" blessing. Kevin was admitted back to the hospital last night (8/15/18) after collapsing and having to be taken by ambulance to emergency. He had just gotten out of the hospital on Tuesday. His ammonia level is very high to the point that he is very confused. I am asking people for whatever help they can provide. Whether it be $1.00 or even just a prayer and sharing. This is a hard time for his wife who is his primary caregiver outside the hospital.

A little about my fabulous father. This is a man who took me under his wing when I was 15 years old. I was a troubled teen and he still provided the best care and attention that any teen could ask for. He taught me how to enjoy cars, how to drive, how to change a tire, how to check my tire pressure and gun safety/shooting. A lot of survival skills that many aren't blessed to be taught. All have had a huge impact on my life.

Fast forward to more current times. His health in the past few months started to decline rapidly. He had previously been diagnosed with porphyria. They then found Cirrhosis of the liver (hereditary). Later they found a bleeding ulcer in which he became very anemic. His liver condition is progressing at a high rate of speed to the point that he has now become very confused and cannot even use the technology that he needs in order to perform his work. He has exhausted his paid time off due to this. He keeps saying that he doesn't need help but he is a very stubborn individual who doesn't like burdening others with his problems and is too proud to ask for help. So here I am.

Kevin is well known for the gun matches that he held. He was very active in the NRA. He donated to may charities and had a heart of gold. He would seriously give his shirt off his back to any one who needed help even in his time of need. Some of you may know him through his Smallest Minority web page. He was well known for his publications. Some of you may be previous or current co-workers and know his dedication to his work and his pride.  I want this to reach as many people as possible even if all they can provide is their sincere words.

Sorry that his is so long but I cannot express enough how much this wonderful man has made a difference in my life and his family. He has always been the greatest support for his family and friends amongst many others. Please take a moment of your time to contribute whatever you can. If you can't donate please just say a prayer. These are by far the worst times we have ever seen him in.

Thank you a million! His grateful daughter,


I can testify to Kevin's stubbornness. Late last month, he told me that he would need to withdraw his name from the list of Operation Blazing Sword's volunteer instructors due to health problems. He also told me he was selling most of his guns because he didn't expect to ever make it to the range again and because he needed the cash on hand for medical expenses.

At the time, I told him to set up a GoFundMe, but as Jessica testifies above, he's stubborn and refused, saying "I'm not at the point where I need help, I'm still working and pulling down a salary."

I'm happy that Jessica got her mother's blessing to post this. Please help Kevin if you can. Medical bills are awful, and if he's going to need a new liver that will increase his debt by a factor of 10 at the least.

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