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Friday, August 10, 2018

Pictures from the Rally in Tally

I was pointed to an forum thread which featured pictures of both rallies. I'm going to repost some of those pictures here.

That's Mr. Jon Gutmacher, author of Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership and the man who organized the rally. The podium is in front of a tall building that I think houses the various offices of Florida state senators and representatives.

You can see that the courtyard is made of bricks which had been baking under direct Florida sun for hours. It was hot, y'all.

The capitol building itself, on the other end of the courtyard.

One of the two pieces of shade in the courtyard. This is on the left side from the perspective of the speaker. Look, there's Hickok45 on the right!

The other side of the courtyard, to the right of the speaker. There was much less shade here.

So the rally ended up with a large empty chunk in the middle and deep sides, giving the impression that there were fewer of us present than there really were. I estimate between 250 and 500 people were there.

Here's a composite view, sorta:

Here are a few shots of me.

The photographer captioned this picture with:
Erin spoke especially well since she's transgender and believes that 2nd Amendment rights and LGBTQ rights are both basic human rights. I'd have to say, out of the entire line-up. She got the most applause and the Gun Grabbers can't spin it in any way to be negative. the 2nd Amendment applies to everyone and it is a Civil Right, just as important as the 1st Amendment.
Clearly, I need some sort of box to stand on the next time I speak so that more of me can be seen from behind the podium.

Photo courtesy of Halls Firearm Training, LLC
Photo courtesy of Halls Firearm Training, LLC
These are amazingly good pictures of me. Most of it's due to good lighting and skilled photography. 

This is one of the photographers there (no idea if he's the person who took the above pics for Halls Firearm Training). Yes, that's a velvet tricorn hat he's wearing. Yes, it was as amazing as you imagine.

This is me with a bunch of ladies who bussed in from Orlando. The gal in front with the flag blouse is LuAnn Moyer, who took an immediate shine to me and asked me to pose with her and her friends in several photos. This photo was taken before the speaking began, and I suspect that many of these women wondered who the heck I was and it was only after I got on stage to speak that they realized why LuAnn had me pose with them. But they were all very nice to me, an awkward stranger, and I appreciate that.

In front of the Utah Gun Exchange truck with LuAnn and the Orlando gang.

LuAnn also told me to stand with these two ladies. I don't even know why! They probably didn't know who I was, either. But they were great sports about the whole thing!

LuAnn meant to get a picture of this person's t-shirt, but instead captured my beautiful tresses!

And this is me posing with Hickok45 (he's 6'8" and slouching, no less) at the speaker's reception the night before the Rally. Did... did I do good, internet?

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