Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Two Posts Elsewhere

Part three of my story Three-Line Rifle is available to Patrons. If you aren't a patron, here's a taste to whet your appetite:
We called it The Crotch because that’s what it smelled like. It was a six-wheeled armored truck that had been bought used from the Army, and based on the smell it had been the locker room for a squad of barely toilet-trained cossacks for a month… and that’s what it was like with the roof hatches open for ventilation and the diesel exhaust cutting the funk. With everything buttoned up for combat or inclement weather, it quickly became a hot, moist steel box filled with the thick odor of cigarettes and ball sweat, and maybe a hint of vomit in some corner that had never been cleaned. It was ostensibly air-conditioned, but that only seemed to work for the fortunates in the cab. 
I've also written a post at Blue Collar Prepping where I show the tools I carry in my Get Home Bag. Feel free to tell me if you think I'm carrying too much crap or if I've missed a vital tool. 

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