Thursday, May 8, 2008


Jeff and C.A. Bridges have both volunteered to be Walls. I'm going to go with both because it increases the likelihood of one of them being online when I need them, and dispersing the workload between two people will help prevent burnout. (I can be awfully hard on Walls.)

Mr Bridges, please send me your email addy or IM coordinates at your earliest convenience.

As for the rest of you, anyone who wants to be a Timmy can be such. All you have to do is read my work, notice any inconsistencies, and tell me about them. Bonus points will be awarded to a Timmy who proposes a solution that doesn't involve a retcon.

I do not yet have a dedicated Timmy on staff. Nitpickers, this is the place for you. Troy Hickman, I'm looking at you specifically, Mr. "I'm a slave to continuity".

Anyone can be a Nag, and is indeed invited to do so. I'm gonna need it. JD and GL, since you didn't express a preference I'm going to place you in this category. Message me if you'd prefer to be a Timmy instead.

1 comment:

  1. I'd be glad to be a Timmy (better than being a Suzy like I usually am), but you do realize that I'm much more a characterization guy than a plot guy. But I think I'm up to the job.


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